Queen Forever



Queen Forever is a compilation album . It features tracks the band had "forgotten about" with vocals from original frontman Freddie Mercury. Original bassist John Deacon is also on the tracks.


Drummer Roger Taylor spoke about the album in December 2013, stating that he and guitarist Brian May were "getting together...in the new year to finish what we've got there and then we're going to fashion some kind of album".[3] May announced the title as a compilation album in a radio interview on BBC Radio Wales on 23 May 2014 at the Hay Festival.[4] It is the first Queen album to feature unreleased material from Mercury (who died from complications related to AIDS in November 1991) and Deacon (who retired from the music business in 1997) since the 1995 album Made in Heaven. The album was released by Hollywood Records on 10 November 2014.