Queen Live 73-86

My Audio Live Recordings


Queen In Concert  /Golders Green September 13th

Liverpool November 17th

Live In Manchester 73/Opera House November 26th

Live At The New Theatre / Oxford November 27th (Bonus Soundcheck)

Procession/ Colston Hall Bristol November 29th


Sheetkickers /On Tour In Europe 74

Live At The Rainbow / March 31st

Beacon Theatre / February 6th 74

Live In New Orleans / St.Bernard Civic Centre April 21st

Live At Exposition Hall USA April 28th

Live At Waterbury May 4th

Live At Uris Theatre New York May 7th

Bradford / St Georges Hall November 6th

Live In Brussels December 1st

In Concert 74 / Cologne December 6th


The Royal American Tour 75

In The Lap Of The Queen / Upmist Theatre USA March 7th

Doing Alright Tokyo ? / Budokan April 19th

Killer Queen /April 23 rd

Live In Tokyo May 1st

Ogre Battle Lives Forever More / UK Coventry November 16th

Sweet Rhapsody / Race Trande Hall Manchester November 26th

The Xmas Concert Hammersmith Odeon


Zoom The Afternoon Show

Beacon Theatre 76 February 6th

Kudasai Nagoya March 23rd

Himeji Japan March 24th

Rock & Opera In Japan Kyudan Gymnasium March 26th

Royal Opera Comes To Japan / Budokan March 31st

Live In Edinburgh September 2 nd

Live At Hyde Park September 18th


Live In Cleveland / Richfield Coliseum January 23rd

Live At The PNE House / Vancouver March 11th

Live In Cothenburg May 10th

Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse / Copenhagen May 12th

A Day At The Hippodrome / UK Bristol May 23rd

A Day At The Apollo / Glasgow May 30th

The Prophets Queen / Earls Court June 6th

Spectrum 77 November 23rd

More News From New York /Madison Square Garden December 2nd

Live In Houston December 11th


At The Forum/Montreal Canada January 12th

Live At Copenhgagen April13th

We Will Rock Rotherdam April 20th

Updated News From Zurich April 30th

Last European News/Stadthalle Wien May 2nd¨

The Last Empire /UK London May 13th

The First Jazz On Stage /USA Dallas October 28th

Nassau Night /USA New York November 11th

Bicycle Races In Toronto December 3rd

Let Us Entertain Chicago December 7th

Jazz Tour In Oakland December 16th


Live In Cologne February 1st

Tiger Skin Frankfurt Germany February 2nd

Bicycle Race In Barcelona February 20th

Do You Hear The Bicycle Bells in Paris March 1st

Live In Kanazawa April 21st

Jazz Final Sapporo May 5th

Skoll Stockholm August 5th

First Night In Newcastle December 3rd

Crazy Tour In Newcastle December 4th

Hammersmith Odeon December 26th


Standing On The Arena London August 12th

Crazy Games In Hartford August 20th

Dragon Attack In Montreal  August 29th

Milwaukee Mecca USA September 10th

Queen Go Stateside Chicago September 19th

Live In Belgium December 13th

Live At Frankfurt December 14th


Live In Tokyo February 17th

First Night In Buenos Aires  February 28th

Buenos Aires March 8th

Live In Japan Tokyo September 13th

Live In Carragas September 27th

Live In Mexico October 17th + 5 Bonus tracks

Hola Muchachos Mexico October 18th


Staying Power At Johanneshov Stockholm April 10th

Long Life To The Queen Zurich April 16th

Doing Some Action  In Lyon France April 20th

Frankfurt 82 April 28th

Live In Paris May 3rd

Action In Kassel Germany May 18th

Leeds 82  May 29th

Hot Space Tour In Montreal July 21st

Body Language On stage In Madison Square Garden July 28th

Life Is Real New Jersey August 9th

Hot Space Tour 82  Fukuoka October 19th

Action And More Action in Nagoja October 26th


Let The Works Begin Belgium August 24th

Nice To Be Needed All These Years  Birmingham August 31st

Real Dazzler  Birmingham, UK - September 2 nd

Paris Ga Ga September 18th

In The Year Of 84  Leiden September 20th

Hannover Is Dangerous  September 22nd

Queen Dynasty Stuttgart September 27th


Melbourne 85 April 19th

Rock In Japan Osaka May 15th


Queen In Stockholm June 7th

Leiden, Groenoordhallen June 11th

Magic In Paris June 14th

Breakin  Free Brussels June 17th

Mannheim June 21st

Imigrant Magic Berlin June 26th

1st Night in Munchen June 28th

Slane Castle Ireland  July 5th

Live Newcastle July 9th

First Night At Wembley July 11th

Manchester 86 July 16th

Live In Cologne July 19th

Live In Vienna July 22nd

Last Magic Night In Paris July 30th

Live In Madrid August 3rd

Live In Marbella Spain August 5th

Electric Magic August 9th   (Last Concert)